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Mantra Wellness Centre is the premier location for healing massage in downtown Calgary. Whether you’re suffering from stress, a sports injury, or general aches and pains, our team of dedicated massage therapists and Chinese Medicine practitioners will help you feel relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. Explore the many different ways massage therapy and Chinese Medicine can relieve the symptoms of your injuries and chronic pain. Book your appointment or purchase gift certificates Online.

There are many benefits to receiving regular massages. You don’t have to wait for an injury or build-up of stress to make an appointment. Regular massage therapy has been proven to alleviate pain, increase flexibility and range of motion, improve circulation, alleviate muscle spasms caused by stress, illness, injury, or pregnancy; and relieve tension and stress. Mantra offers a wealth massage therapy services and products.

The Best Massage in Downtown Calgary

If you’re looking for an alternative therapy, Mantra Wellness Centre offers the best acupuncture sessions in downtown Calgary. The ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped millions of people achieve their wellness goals without the harsh use of pharmaceutical medication or invasive surgery. Our doctor in Chinese Medicine specializes in acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbology, and Tui”na Massage. During your session, very fine sterile needles will be inserted into specific acu-points on your body and will help relieve your ailments. This traditional approach to pain management, improved mood and immune system, and overall relaxation is a holistic form of therapy that treats your entire body from the inside out. Our specialists have been helping their clients with acupuncture in downtown Calgary achieve improved health and wellness through safe and painless traditional Chinese methods.

Mantra Wellness is famous for its professional, affordable, and effective massage therapy. If you’re looking for the best massage in downtown Calgary, come to Mantra Wellness Centre to tune out, unwind, and de-stress. We offer a range of massage therapy services and can recommend a type of therapy to suit your wellness needs. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, stress, or a sports injury, we will find a solution to completely restore you, both mentally and physically. Massage therapy has been known to declutter the mind and improve you overall wellbeing. We believe this holistic approach to healing is essential for the proper maintenance of the mind, body, and spirit. Massage therapy services we offer are:

  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • Relaxation Massage Therapy

During your session, we incorporate the finest aromatherapy products to enhance your relaxing experience.

Health Coaching looks at each person’s beautiful biochemical and situational uniqueness. This has inspired me to develop my practice around personal empowerment. Working together we will develop a personalized and evolving wellness strategy that works with your life, not against it.

• Nutrition
• Meditation
• Lifestyle habits
• Stress management techniques
• Constructive communication concepts
• Feel more in control of your life
• Improved digestion, detoxification & hormonal balance
• Reduced symptoms from health imbalances
• Improved & stable energy levels
• Constructive & effective thought patterns
• Renewed enthusiasm to set and achieve life goals
• Loving yourself & those around you!
Manual Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that looks at the body as a whole and understands the interconnectivity of all the systems. It is a therapy that can be of benefit for anyone who has had an injury, has limited range of motion, or has any discomfort.
Osteoarticular techniques, fascial releases, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation are used to gently adjust muscles, soft tissues, bones, joint capsules, and internal organs into proper alignment. When the body is balanced, it is able to function properly and quickly heal itself.
All treatments are done with the client fully clothed and can be adjusted to the client’s capabilities based on age, range if motion, and acuity of injury. Manual Osteopathy can help increase your mobility and decrease your discomfort with long lasting results.

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Tune Out, Unwind & De-Stress

Mantra Wellness Centre thrives to provide the best quality of service to our clients. We believe that everyone who books into the clinic will enjoy the best massage guaranteed! We provide:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation Massage

Manual Osteopath

Benefits of Massage

  • Alleviates pain, discomfort and muscle spasms
  • Relieves headache, neck and shoulder pain
  • Relieves pain and tension in low back and hips
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Improves circulation and flexibility
  • Relieves Stress
  • Restores wholeness to the mind and body

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Dr. Chris Keay

Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturist since 2005
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Suneela Ahuja

Manual Osteopath
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Trish Bogacka

Has been practicing massage therapy since 2005

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