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3 Ways Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Heal You

If you live a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle, then it’s possible you struggle with finding a proper balance between work and relaxation. For many, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the answer. TCM incorporates acupuncture, cupping therapy, and/or Chinese herbology in treatments, and

each is set out to achieve one single goal: restore energy and balance in the body.
A medicine practiced for over 3000 years, TCM is designed to provide you with methods to achieve balance in your life. If you are constantly tired, then TCM will help find the root cause of the problem. The body is considered an energetic system, the objective of which is to achieve a harmonious flow of the energy known as Qi. When the Qi is off-balance (i.e. diminishes or increases too much) your health is affected. Qi is meant to flow through energetic pathways, known as meridians. Along these pathways, there exists specific points that are responsible for making your body function at its full capacity. Here are some traditional Chinese health practices that will restore the flow of Qi and keep your bodily functions in check:


Acupuncture’s focus is to restore energy flow throughout the body with the use of tiny needles. The latter are inserted at strategic points, usually around the painful areas, where they restore circulation. The purpose of this ancient therapy is to manipulate certain Qi meridians by calming yang energy and stimulating yin energy. Acupuncture is known to work the most rapidly and is ideal for treating fertility, stress and anxiety, digestive problems, inflammation, chronic pain, and allergies.

Natural Herbs

Plant extracts and seeds are the basis for most medications. TCM uses carefully selected herbal supplements to effectively reduce fatigue and increase energy levels—particularly herbs such as ginseng root and wormwood. To find out which herbs are best used to calm or eliminate your symptoms, it’s safest to first consult a TCM specialist, or contact us for a consultation, just in case the herbs conflict with any medication you’re prescribed to.


Any form of yoga, or specialty therapies like Thai Yoga Massage, help keep Qi strong and flowing smoothly. Yoga also does wonders in reducing stress and keeping your energy positive, while Thai Yoga, a combination of Yoga and massage therapy, not only restores balance but rejuvenates the body and relieves pain.