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Mantra Wellness Centre has been a trusted source of effective therapeutic massage and body work for 10 years. Owner-operated, we strive to promote balance and well being in your body and life through many different and robust modalities. At Mantra we believe that therapeutic touch, when professionally applied in one of its many established forms, has the power to restore and activate the healing potential present within each individual. Our certified and experienced therapists have provided beneficial results that range from; restoring mobility to those suffering with physical ailments, release chronic patterns of tension in the body, reduce inflammation related pain, balance digestion, increase cognitive function and energy levels.

Wellness services offered at Mantra Wellness Centre include;


Traditional Chinese Medicine

A trusted ancient therapy designed to help you restore balance and harmony. Try our Calgary acupuncture and cupping therapies for renewed energy.

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Massage Therapy

Our Calgary wellness centre invites people of all ages to come and experience our professional and affordable massage therapies.


Traditional Tibetan Medicine

If you’re looking for an alternative therapy, Mantra Wellness Centre offers the best acupuncture sessions in downtown Calgary.


Manual Osteopath

This type of holistic manual therapy treats the body as an entire network of interconnected and interdependent systems.

By upholding the industry standards and only hiring the best qualified and registered therapists, Mantra is able to provide you with an empowered environment to meet your wellness needs. Many same day appointments are available so come on in and feel the difference caring touch can make in your life!

We strive to serve you at the hands of the very best!


Suneela, I am so grateful to you and what it is you do. I have more energy and I can physically do more without severe pain. Thank you so much for your work, your knowledge and your nurturing. You may think that you are only working on one person at a time but if you really think about it you are also working on families. Giving me a better quality of life, you have also given my family a better quality of life. Thank you so much!!


Of all the healthcare practitioners I worked with during my sports career, I found that osteopaths had the largest impact on helping me achieve my goals. Now, as I adapt to a healthy active lifestyle and transition away from being a specialized athlete, I find Osteopathy has really helped me break free of old movement patterns and participate in new activities pain-free.


Thanks for getting me in on short notice!!!! I feel so much better; I can actually move my head again. I am so happy that it doesn’t matter who I see at Mantra I know I am going to get a great massage! I have seen all of the staff and always walk out of there feeling great!

Trevor Hovrath

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