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Acupuncture Principle: Yin Deficiency

When it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), patients are generally treated through a holistic approach. This basically means that any issues are considered in the context of the whole body and the functioning of all its systems.

Typically, acupuncturists work to regulate physiological functions to bring healing to the body. Each symptom corresponds to meridians in the body and acupuncturists seek to increase the energy flow in these meridians to unblock areas that cannot self-heal.

When an individual has a yin deficiency, it signals a lack of nourishment in the body which affects a person’s ability to cool down, calm down and establish harmony in the body. Here’s more on the principle of yin deficiency and its signs.

Yin Deficiency’s Properties

In TCM, yin deficiency’s properties refer to a deficiency of fluids such as blood and body fluids. This is also known as too much “heat” in the body. When there’s too much heat in a person’s body, these are some of the symptoms they can face:

  • Dry mouth
  • Feverish temperatures during the day
  • Flushed face or cheeks
  • Night sweats
  • Warm palms and soles

These individual symptoms correspond with yin deficiency that can show up in many areas of the body. This disharmony in the body is also the root cause of:

  • Difficult menopause symptoms (extreme hot flashes)
  • Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Chronic low fever
  • Tuberculosis

Treatment Strategy

When yin in the body is deficient, the aspects of yang dominate the body, which leads to these “heat” signs. This imbalance in the body, affects the body’s ability to cool down. The goal is to remove the heat to re-establish balance back to your body. This can be done by targeting specific points in the heart and kidney meridians and by applying herbs that have natural cooling properties.

Your acupuncturist will determine if you are suffering from “excess heat” where the yin is deficient and yang is dominant, or “virtual heat” which comes from yang excess which can cause similar symptoms like low grade fevers by the type of pulse you have and other aspects that are presented in a through examination.

Acupuncture is a highly efficient way to target these kinds of symptoms to restore the body back to normal. Are you experiencing similar symptoms? Call the Mantra Wellness Centre today to make an appointment.