//Acupuncture Principles: What is Kidney Yang Deficiency?

Acupuncture Principles: What is Kidney Yang Deficiency?

The concept of yang exists within the kidney, the foundation of where the yang qi (or life energy) originates. It promotes the function of organs and tissues throughout the whole body. While yin primarily focuses on physiological functions, kidney yang is also ultimately responsible for the storage of kidney yin. The two are mutually dependent, but they can get in each other’s’ way and cause imbalance and exhaustion.

Signs of Kidney Yang Deficiency

There are a number of symptoms and sensations that can point to signs of kidney yang deficiency. This comes as a result of the depletion in both yin and yang, which impairs their ability to function properly.

Symptoms and sensations include:

  • Soreness
  • Cold sensation in the knees and lumbar regions
  • Cold limbs and extremities
  • Feeling fatigued physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Difficulty with urination
  • Incontinence
  • Lowered libido
  • Tongue looks swollen with a layer of white on top

Extreme cases

In extreme cases, female sterility or generalized edema – the accumulation of fluid in the body in particular organs or body areas – may occur. This could be in the lungs, brain, heart, etc.

All cases

All cases of kidney yang deficiency show signs of an “internal cold” where the body is unable to warm itself up, heal itself and maintain mental and bodily functions with strength. Many people feel the need to withdraw from communication during this period of time too as yang deficiencies can cause deep sense of discomfort.

How acupuncture can help

Acupuncture can help with poor circulation and will increase warmth within the body. Digestion is a huge aspect of yang deficiency as well, and acupuncture will release stagnated areas in the body to smooth digestion.

With the cold weather season setting in, consider acupuncture to remedy yang deficiency symptoms so you can enjoy the winter season to the fullest. Contact us at the Mantra Wellness Centre today for an appointment.