A Brief History of the Hot Stone Massage

Have you ever experienced a hot stone massage? The common response from those who have is one of relief, relaxation and inner peace. The heated stones penetrate the muscle tissue and create the feeling of a deep tissue massage without any added pressure and weight. The treatment operates with the idea that heat is the

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The Healing Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a form of massage that was initially created in India and brought to Thailand about two thousand years ago where it was practised extensively in Buddhist temples. It has recently become more popular for its healing benefits in the Western world. This type of massage is unique in that it uses

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Things to Know About Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one of the most effective forms of alternative medicine.  It is a form of traditional Chinese medicine use to stimulate blood flow and therefore stimulate healing.  It has also been used as an alternative treatment for muscle pain, respiratory diseases like the common cold or bronchitis, lower back pain, and even cancer. 

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What is Chinese Herbology?

Mantra Wellness Centre is dedicated to providing all-natural pain relief and healing by balancing your body’s natural energy. We do this by combining advanced techniques with deep knowledge of ancient practices. One of the services that we offer, Chinese herbology, is a traditional Asian therapy that involves the use of many distinct herbs. This all-natural

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

In Chinese medicine there are four flavors of herbs. These four flavors are called “Si Qui”. In Chinese “Si” means four and “Qui” means special quality of the herb. Herbs are identified by how their temperatures as either: hot, warm, cold and cool. In Chinese medicine hot and warm herbs are used to warm the

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Shiatsu Therapy for your Health & Wellbeing

Shiatsu translates as "finger pressure" in Japanese. Shiatsu assists the body's innate ability to restore balance by moving energy in tight and stagnant areas, and channeling energy to areas where there is energy deficiency. The therapy combines traditional Japanese therapies that emerged in the early 1900s with modern western medical knowledge. Shiatsu has less in

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The Benefits of Tui Na Massage

Tui na (pronounced tweena), refers to an ancient Chinese medical massage that can be traced back to 2300 B.C. Tui na, which literally means push/grasp, is a series of pressing, tapping and kneading movements that allows the qi (chi), or energy, to flow to and from the affected area. The Tui na method of healing

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Mantra Wellness Centre

Mantra Wellness Centre has been a trusted source of effective therapeutic massage and body work for 10 years. Owner-operated, we strive to promote balance and well being in your body and life through many different and robust modalities. At Mantra we believe that therapeutic touch, when professionally applied in one of its many established forms, has the power to restore and activate the healing potential present within each individual.

The Best Message Therapy in Downtown Calgary

Our certified and experienced therapists have provided beneficial results that range from; restoring mobility to those suffering with physical ailments, release chronic patterns of tension in the body, reduce inflammation related pain, balance digestion, increase cognitive function and energy levels.


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