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Chinese Herbal Medicine

In Chinese medicine there are four flavors of herbs. These four flavors are called “Si Qui”. In Chinese “Si” means four and “Qui” means special quality of the herb. Herbs are identified by how their temperatures as either: hot, warm, cold and cool.

In Chinese medicine hot and warm herbs are used to warm the body and to treat cold syndromes. The hot herbs can relieve abdominal cramps, diarrhea or warm the blood and alleviate pain that is caused by having cold in the blood. A cold or cool herb is used to clean and treat heat syndromes. They are used to treat fevers, wheezing and thirst.

There are also herbs that are neither hot nor cold, and are not included in the four temperatures. Those types of herbs are classified as “Ping” meaning neutral in Chinese. Neutral herbs are used when the syndrome a person is suffering is not characterized by Heat or Cold. A neutral herb can be used to treat either a cold or heat syndrome in combination with other hot or cold herbs.

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