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Common at-Home Massage Mistakes to Avoid Next Time

At-home massages can be relaxing or intimate experiences. Many people enjoy the soothing touch of a loved one when they’re feeling stressed, sore, sick, or tired. We often think we know enough about massage to try our skills on other people, but unless we know what we’re doing, we might end up causing more pain than pleasure. If you’re in the mood to give an at-home massage to yourself or someone else, avoid these poor techniques to prevent muscle damage or soreness.

Digging too Deep

Unless you’re a trained massage therapist, we understand that you lack technical skills and mainly rely on your intuition and your partner’s reaction. If you think you’d enjoy that sensation, then chances are your partner will, too. Sometimes, however, we miss the mark entirely. While it’s possible to receive an at-home deep tissue massage, we don’t recommend it. Digging in that deep can cause serious damage to the person’s muscle tissues, and if you don’t do it properly, you can seriously hurt them. If you’re reaching for your friend’s back with claw-like hands, that’s probably a sign that you’re digging too deep.

When someone asks for a massage, they likely want something closer to a traditional relaxation massage. If they’re looking for something that requires a bit more strength and skill, we hope that they’ll leave that part to the experts. To give a relaxing massage, close your fingers and apply gentle pressure using soft strokes with your entire hand.

Not Taking Your Time

Muscles are like rubber. A rubber band will break if left in the cold, but will stretch if warmed up. Your muscles react similarly. If you want your friend or partner to ever speak to you again, please don’t go in guns-ablazin’ and start your massage with high-intensity strokes. Not only will they absolutely hate it, but you might end up hurting them. Warm up the muscles first by gently stroking the area. When you sense your partner starting to relax, slowly increase the pressure. Remember that everyone has a different limit. They might want you to stop at a gentle massage or they may ask you to give it all you got.

Dry Massage

Nobody likes an Indian Sunburn. It’s an offensive name and an offensive prank. You’re not trying to make sparks fly, so please stop giving your friends and family dry massages. Rubbing your hands against someone’s skin is a great way to turn up the heat, but it can lead to irritation, making it an uncomfortable experience for both of you. Rub a little essential oil (if you don’t have any, try coconut or olive oil) on your hands before applying to their skin. You’ll notice how much easier it is to slide your hands across your friend’s muscles.

If you want to learn how to give better massages, we think you’re a better person for it. The worst thing you can do is not listen to a person who tells you what they want. If you think your sweetheart needs the type of massage that’s best handled by the professionals, buy a printable gift certificate for Mantra Wellness Centre today.