“My philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.”

― Anthony Hopkins

That’s pretty much it. Anthony just nailed personal philosophies for everyone, everywhere, at any point in time. Thank you Anthony. The wisdom, peace and contentment from this concept is what strikes me first. No malice or anger, simply allowing all that is there to be there. Then stepping back without the need to defend any piece of who you are. I am me and this is how I’ve shown up in the world today, and I’m totally okay with that. If others choose to take issue then that’s what happens to them, not you. ‘I expect nothing and accept everything.’ This to me is complete freedom. To shine the light of awareness on all that is ‘you,’ body, thoughts, feelings, actions ~ reactions and let love and acceptance radiate. To accept your life, the people in it and the way your time is spent. Then to the larger global scale, the world and all the things currently in and around it. Accept that this is the way you, everyone else and the world has shown up today, without judgment. This is of course a working philosophy and when you real world this concept things can get a little cloudy and complicated in a hurry. However, there is a simplicity here that I resonate with deeply and have adopted as practice in my own journey.

The picture below was taken a few days before my life’s course changed dramatically and set me on a new path that would bring me closer to my true self and purpose, as I understand them to be today… I think… I’m pretty sure.


Okay, so what am I doing here? Cutting in a transformer in northern Alberta. Why am I doing it? For the money… maybe. More likely because I didn’t totally know what else to do or how to do it, so I just kept doing the same thing looking for a way out. As luck would have it, a way out presented itself in the form of an extremely embarrassing emotional, physical, and mental breakdown at work. Medical leave was next, which left me contemplating my future with terror and panic. The official diagnosis was a major depressive episode.

Accept everything. It took me a few years to accept this one, and I’m still a work in progress, however, I’m now filled with a sense of purpose that feels intoxicating. The limitations that had been following me around, seemingly without my knowledge and certainly without my consent, are turning into benign hallucinations with no basis in my reality, as I have come to understand it. I feel more and more liberated and enthusiastic to show up for this life and be the very best at being me…nothing more, nothing less. In dropping judgments, I simultaneously released limitation. Which has (unexpectedly) blossomed into many pleasant feelings of expansion, peace and contentment. I feel that limitation and expansion are two ends of a spectrum that we are exploring. Which brings us to our next topic…


Health Coaching! What is that Supposed to Mean?

That’s a great question… I’m glad you asked.

I believe in each person’s beautiful biochemical and situational uniqueness. This has inspired me to develop my practice around personal empowerment. Working together we will develop a personalized and evolving wellness strategy that works with your life, not against it. Using; nutrition, lifestyle habits, meditation, stress reduction techniques and constructive communication concepts that will support you in creating and living your authentic life.
We are all richly deserving of what we desire, by offering real world strategies in the specific places in your life that are in need of objective, compassionate support I believe we can make meaningful changes to your everyday experience that will allow you to feel more in control, energized, constructive, effective and loving to those around you.
 If this concept resonates with you and you’d like to learn and experience more about Health Coaching I would invite you to try the 20 minute meet and greet consultation and take our journey from there!
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