//Hot Stone Massage – February 25, 2013

Hot Stone Massage – February 25, 2013

Throughout history, people have recognized the healing properties of heated stones. The therapy originated with ancient Egyptians and is experiencing a revival today.

Hot stone massage treatment is intended to create kinship between the body and the calm comforting ways of nature. The procedure is more therapeutic than a regular massage because of the deep penetrating heat that emanates from the stones.

Large and small stones are heated in water between 120 to 150 degrees. The hot stones are then placed alternately on various parts of the body. The stones are lined along your spine and placed under the small of your back, palms, and should blades and your abdomen.

The benefits of the treatment include improved circulation, relaxation, reduction of toxic waste build-up from the muscles, more flexibility, more vitality, and less inflammation of chronic areas. It also helps detoxify the body.

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