//Lower Your Blood Pressure with a Professional Massage

Lower Your Blood Pressure with a Professional Massage

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure that blood flow exerts in your circulatory system. Although it can vary over time and situation, it has been proven that having it be constantly high – a condition known as hypertension – is bad for our overall health and puts us at risk for certain conditions. It’s easy for people nowadays to develop this problem because of our sedentary lifestyles and diets. Stress also plays a large factor. It’s good to know that you can help lower your blood pressure with a professionally administered massage from our registered massage therapists.

A massage reduces stress

Stress can play a large role in our blood pressure. When we are constantly under stress, it changes the way that hormones are released in the body and how we react to situations. Over repeated instances of this, we form habits. A massage will help relieve stress and get your body back to a balanced state. This will slowly bring down the tension in your vessels.

They also improve blood flow

By concentrating pressure onto heavily-effected areas, our massages can help relieve tension and energy imbalances that are causing you harm. Not only that, but by balancing the energy and providing pressurized stimulation, we can also help improve your blood flow. This means that the heart won’t have to work as hard and that you blood pressure won’t be so high.

Other things to consider

Improving your blood pressure is more than just a one-time deal. You will need to continually look to improve your diet and lifestyle. Seeking continuing treatment until your condition has stabilized is also a must. While one massage is great for reducing stress and relaxing, you are going to have to keep it up to achieve long-term benefits.

Our wellness center has everything you need to help get your body back to a balanced state. Our massage treatments and other therapies provide many great benefits to our clients. Now that you know how massages can lower blood pressure, you should find out more about the other benefits of massages.