What is Manual Osteopathy

This form of manual therapy utilizes the body’s interconnected systems to treat a variety of conditions, from improper alignment to muscle pain. Anyone who has suffered an injury or who experiences a limited range of motion can benefit from manual osteopathy. Common techniques used include craniosacral therapy, fascial release, osteoarticular corrections, and visceral mobilization. This form of therapy is designed to boost the body’s immune, restore balance, and adjust muscles, tissues, and internal organs. These techniques are adapted for every client based on their level of comfort/pain and range of motion. The client is fully clothed during these sessions.

All treatments are done with the client fully clothed and can be adjusted to the client’s capabilities based on age, range if motion, and acuity of injury. Manual Osteopathy can help increase your mobility and decrease your discomfort with long lasting results.


Suneela Ahuja, D.M.O, began working at a Calgary pain management centre in 2015 where she participated in a wide range of volunteer programs and classes while getting her bachelor’s degree in dentistry.

Suneela received her post-graduate diploma from the National Manual Osteopathic College. She remains passionate about holistic healthcare, and she uses her learned techniques to help clients. Part of her therapy involves using the client’s muscular strength to facilitate structural adjustments. Her technique involves muscular contraction and relaxation to achieve proper alignment.

As a Manual Osteopath, Suneela evaluates each condition from a holistic perspective. For instance, she often uses techniques, such as myofascial release, to relieve a wide range of conditions. She’s fascinated with the intricacies of the human body and loves applying different techniques to treat conditions in different ways. Her treatments are very effective for people with lower back pain, headaches, jaw dysfunctions, concussions, etc.

In her free time, Suneela enjoys sipping a hot chai latte with her friends, listening to music, travelling, and exploring the great outdoors with her family.