//Massage Therapy and Mental Health

Massage Therapy and Mental Health

Massage therapy plays a well-known positive role in reducing stress, which helps to maintain mental health. But did you know that massage therapy actually works to promote mental health from a chemical level too? It specifically increases neurotransmitters that are associated with lowering anxiety along with decreasing the hormones associated with the cause of anxiety. All of these factors can contribute to a person’s stress, muscle tension, stiffness and soreness.

Below are two different mental health cases that massage therapy has impacted in an incredibly positive way:

Working in medicine is no easy task – especially if you’re a nurse. Back-to-back tasks and round the clock shifts present sufferable fatigue for nurses because they just don’t get the right amount of sleep. Research published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed that including massage therapy in nurses’ work hours…

  • Reduced stress related symptoms like headaches, shoulder tension, fatigue, insomnia and pain.
  • Is a great way to ease stress for all health care providers in order to allow them to proceed to give their patients optimal care

Another important issue that massage tackles is anxiety and depression in military veterans. Research published in Military Medicine reports that massage helps with…

  • Symptoms of physical pain, anxiety, worry and depression that all contribute to PTSD
  • The study also suggested that levels of tension and irritability were lowered and a self-directed program of integrative therapies for U.S National Guard Personnel was put into place as a way to rehabilitate resilience after returning from war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

If your job is physically or emotionally demanding, you’re facing health problems, or are in need of taking care of your mental health, consider integrating massage to your regular health care regimen. You will reap the benefits! For more information on the health benefits of massage therapy, or to book an appointment, contact Mantra Wellness Centre today.