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Mantra Massage
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Mantra Wellness Centre is now open on Saturdays

Mantra Wellness Centre now open on Saturdays, Timings: 9:00 am till 4:00 pm.

Mantra Wellness Centre Online Booking Available

Mantra Wellness Centre Online Booking is available, please click online reservation form and book your appointment online as per your flexibility.

Mantra Wellness Centre is now Hiring

With moving the clinic quickly approaching we are looking to increase our staff numbers. We are looking for a motivated, hard working and loyal massage therapist to join our team of experienced therapists. E-mail or drop off your resume today.

Mantra Wellness Centre Stretch of the Month

Chest/Pec Stretch (Doorway)

This stretch can be done one side at a time, or both at the same time.

Your arm should be at about 90 degrees at the shoulder with your forearms and palms flat against the door frame, this will eliminate any strain on the elbow joint. Take a lunge step forward until you feel a GENTLE stretch across the chest. Keep your head in a neutral position, don’t let it travel forward.

Mantra Wellness Centre Prices:

  • 30 min: $55
  • 45 min: $75
  • 60 min: $90
  • 75 min: $110
  • 90 min: $130

Do you need regular treatment but run out of your benefits too quickly?
Maintenance packages are available.

Buy 10 one hour massages for $85 each plus GST.

All Prices Listed Above are Excluding the GST.

Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping and Thai Herbal Compress Massage are additional $10 – $20 charge on top of the above hourly rates.

Click here to book your appointment online today!

Phone: 403.266.8933

Email: info@mantrawellnesscentre.com