//Prenatal Massage: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Prenatal Massage: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether or not you and your better half celebrate this mushy day of love, we think it’s best to err on the side of caution. If your wife, girlfriend, or partner is pregnant, we’re pretty sure that right about now they’re feeling the cursory aches and pains associated with carrying a child. While it comes with the territory, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do everything we can to help ease her suffering. If you’re on the hunt for a V-Day present that will make your lovely lady feel as wonderful as she deserves, why not buy her a gift certificate for a warm, comfy, and stress-killing massage at Mantra Wellness Centre?

Pregnancy and Back Pain

 It’s safe to say that a woman’s body is put through a lot during her pregnancy. Without taking into account the final act—labour—a woman will go through the biggest transformation of her life during the nine months she’s carrying her child. It’s no wonder her body must adapt for the growing baby inside her. It’s natural that her bones, joints, and organs are going to feel sore, pinched, and out of shape as they make room for the baby. Everything, from the way she walks and sits to how she sleeps will be affected. Back pain is inevitable.

Studies show that frequent massage during pregnancy can increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, relieve tension and stress, relax muscles, and level out hormones. You may be doing your part to relax the future mama by massaging her sore feet and that can make a world of difference to her. But as her pregnancy moves along, she may need something more just to be able to feel comfortable.

 Say Goodbye to Sciatica

 Pregnancy itself doesn’t cause sciatica. However, remember all those changes in the body we talked about? Any one of those can cause compression in the sciatic nerve (the large nerve that starts in the lower back and travels all the way down to your feet). If you’re not sure if you’ve ever had sciatica, then you probably haven’t experienced it. It is notoriously painful and debilitating and doesn’t easily go away.

Women experience sciatic pain during their pregnancy for several reasons: weight gain, a shift in your centre of gravity as the baby gets bigger, or your growing uterus, which may press down on your sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain will likely occur in the third trimester when the baby moves into position.

A Little TLC Where It Counts

 Most importantly, therapeutic massage relaxes the mind, body, and spirit, which helps the mother achieve a more restful state of mind. Studies also show that frequent massage makes pregnancy and labour easier on the mother by reducing her pain and tension. Sound like the perfect gift? Check out our various massage services or contact us to find out what form of massage is right for your significant other. This Valentine’s Day, spoil her the right way.