//Relaxation Massage Styles

Relaxation Massage Styles

Nothing is more relaxing getting a proper massage from a registered massage therapist. The feeling of having your muscles relieved of the tension in a stress-free environment is especially welcome after a long and hectic work week.

Not all massage styles are the same, though. Some massage types are more geared towards a therapeutic end, while others emphasize relaxation. Here are some of the main types of massages that fall into the latter category.

  • Traditional Relaxation Massage

Based on the Swedish massage techniques of smooth, gliding and gentle motions, the traditional relaxation massage achieves just that – relaxation. It improves circulation and range of motion, decreases swelling from injury and relieves minor muscle pain. Most importantly, this style reduces stress and tension while promoting overall relaxation. It decreases blood pressure and heart rate; it stimulates the digestive and lymphatic systems. It is perfect for the person who gets massages once in a while as a treat and just wants to relax.

  • Rain Drop Therapy

This style of massage uses seven essential oils placed along the spine and feet that are massaged into the body. It is good for chronic pain relief, strengthening the immune system, balancing physical and emotional wellbeing and detoxifying the body.

  • Hot Stone Massage

Stones, usually basalt or lava rocks, are heated to a comfortable temperature and placed throughout certain pressure points on the body in this form of massage. The registered massage therapist uses various massage strokes and alternates the hot stones with cool stones or marble to decrease inflammation. The goal of this style of massage is for the heat to deeply penetrate the muscles and tissues and release overall tension.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential plant oils that that enter the body through application, inhalation or water immersion. The oils help alter your mood and relax you. Aromatherapy is typically used in conjunction with relaxation massages.

Knowing the difference kinds of massage techniques is a great way to know just what style fits you best. So next time you are in need of a relaxing massage, keep these mind and choose the right one for your needs.