//Take Advantage of your Employee Benefits before the Year’s End

Take Advantage of your Employee Benefits before the Year’s End

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as getting a good massage after a long, stressful day spent at the office. Whether you spend it hunched in front of a computer or running from one meeting to another, you deserve a good pampering. Not only will the massage help you relax, it will also relieve your stress and allow you to return to work refreshed. Smart companies with insight always offer their employees extra benefits such as massage therapy because they understand that a happy and relaxed employee who feels appreciated will be more motivated to work.

Remember that the end of year is fast approaching and Christmas will be at our door before we know it. Most insurance plans run on a calendar year, so you should schedule your massages now to use up your 2014 benefits. Most people have until Dec. 31 to spend the total amount of benefits and file for reimbursement. Don’t wait until the last minute because we may be fully booked and unable to give you an appointment!

A little pampering can go a long way toward taking better care of your body both spiritually and physically. Contact Mantra Wellness today to schedule your appointment. 403-266-8933