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I am in my 60th year and had been experiencing more and more pain in my back and joints to the point that I was considering having to stop working, which is not at all what I would want! I work for seniors on low income and love each of my clients, it is my joy to be visiting them each week. I talked with Sarah about how I had been reading about inflammation causing foods, better exercises, supplements like turmeric, a hodgepodge of “fixes” but although I had tried cutting out the foods most commonly causing inflammation; adding in supplements etc., I did not feel much relief.

She patiently let me talk, encouraging me with focused questions which brought out all the things I had tried (thus revealing what I had not known to do).
I was and still am amazed at the health I am feeling by following her guidance, what a difference in my life! I am able to work and not be taking pain medications hardly ever.

Thank you so much Sarah!!

Judy Bouffard

Suneela, I am so grateful to you and what it is you do. I have more energy and I can physically do more without severe pain. Thank you so much for your work, your knowledge and your nurturing. You may think that you are only working on one person at a time but if you really think about it you are also working on families. Giving me a better quality of life, you have also given my family a better quality of life. Thank you so much!!


Of all the healthcare practitioners I worked with during my sports career, I found that osteopaths had the largest impact on helping me achieve my goals. Now, as I adapt to a healthy active lifestyle and transition away from being a specialized athlete, I find Osteopathy has really helped me break free of old movement patterns and participate in new activities pain-free.


Thanks for getting me in on short notice!!!! I feel so much better; I can actually move my head again. I am so happy that it doesn’t matter who I see at Mantra I know I am going to get a great massage! I have seen all of the staff and always walk out of there feeling great!

Trevor Hovrath

Wendy and I are a very active 50+ couple. As we have aged and maintained our activity levels we have found therapeutic deep tissue massage to be an essential part of our staying fit and healthy. I have found both Shelley and Amanda to be two of the best massage therapists that we have used throughout our life here in Calgary. I have recommended their services to my friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so into the future.

Andy Telfer

When I need a massage I always trust the staff at Mantra Wellness Centre to provide the best quality of massage. From the time you walk through the doors to the time you leave the staff at Mantra provides prompt, courteous service that leaves you feeling cared for. It doesn’t matter which therapist I have seen, the massage service offered has always been of the highest quality and met my needs, allowing me to get back on my feet and feeling great. I would recommend Mantra Wellness Centre to everyone.

“I was recently in to see Amanda for some treatment. I just wanted to write and express my thanks for the fantastic job she did. I was having some serious issues in my neck that were causing pain in my shoulder and arm. I did attempt to correct this by first visiting a chiropractor for some adjusting- but that did not do the trick. Thanks to Amanda I am happy to say that I am pain free and back to normal. I will be recommending her and your facility to all of my friends and family in the future.”

Anthony Rideout

“I had an injury and was in pain all the time. I was sceptical about massage therapy but I gave it a try as a last resort! I now have a new found respect for massage and the therapists providing it. After 3 treatments [at Mantra Wellness] I was 100% pain free. Now I am on top of my game and enjoying sports again!! Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!”

Peter Snowdon

Often things happen when you least expect it. I consulted Judy for a foot injury that required acupuncture. At the same time, I was at a cross roads with both my career and my relationship. During our acupuncture sessions, Judy would drop little tidbits of insight that got me thinking. Before I knew it, I was seeing her for some invaluable life coaching that also included health and diet. I immediately dropped 20 lbs and turned the rest of my life around, too.

I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease about 7 years ago and had major abdominal surgery around 5 years ago. I have tried a variety of medications and holistic treatments over those years but I always wished someone would just massage my rigid, scarred, and stressed tummy for me. When I met Jillian I felt instant comfort and trust; she knew so much about Chron’s already. I cried on the massage table when I realized that I finally found that person I’ve been looking for all these years. Thank you Jillian, from the bottom of my guts!