//The Benefits of an Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The Benefits of an Ultrasonic Nebulizer

While aromatherapy has been around for a long time, burning oil can be a dangerous practice if left unattended or monitored. However the ultrasonic nebulizer is a great new way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy without wasting oil or being potentially dangerous.

Economical To Use

Ultrasonic nebulizers do not use heat, but rather they use high frequency vibrations to turn the aromatherapy oils and water into a cold mist. This saves on oils as burning oil uses it up at a significantly faster rate. An ultrasonic nebulizer is not only affordable, but it will help save you money on oils in the long run.


Ultrasonic nebulizers have a purifying effect on the air which helps allergy sufferers and those with breathing difficulties. If you’re an asthmatic or susceptible to ragweed in the spring, a nebulizer may give you that added help to cope with your respiratory issues.


These diffusers act as humidifiers in a dry or artificially air-conditioned climate, by adding moisture to the air and aiding those with dry skin conditions. It helps to make the air less sharp, without it becoming excessively humid.


Negative ions are released by these diffusers which increase oxygen flow to the brain. This can mean a slew of benefits for people suffering from a range of conditions including stress, headaches, breathing difficulties and sleep problems. Essential oil particles are much finer when released from ultrasonic nebulizers than those from traditional burners, allowing them to work much better in the nasal passages and not feel too heavy, or make a room feel stuffy.

Increased Safety

Ultrasonic nebulizers do not use a heat source and are therefore are safer to use than traditional burners as they don’t represent a fire or burning hazard. Now you can rest easy without having to worry about unattended burning oil.

Noise Levels

These diffusers are silent to operate and won’t disturb anyone while they’re in use. It also makes them ideal for use at night, so you can get a full and relaxing night’s sleep.

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