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The Healing Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a form of massage that was initially created in India and brought to Thailand about two thousand years ago where it was practised extensively in Buddhist temples. It has recently become more popular for its healing benefits in the Western world. This type of massage is unique in that it uses a combination of yoga postures and is also based on Ayurveda or traditional Indian medicine principles. Meditation and herbal remedies can also be used as part of the treatment.

During Thai Yoga massage, the registered massage therapist will massage the body using his or her palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet whilst stretching it into yoga-like positions. By using his or her weight the therapist can move the patient’s body into a variety of positions in a flowing movement, which is often compared to a dance.

There are two different types of Thai Yoga massage; the Northern style and the Southern style. The Northern style focuses on stretching whilst the Southern style emphasises the massaging of acupressure points. Both types of yoga massage will aim to prevent any illness from occurring by attempting to get the body, mind and spirit in harmony with each other.

The Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage brings together the benefits of yoga and meditation as well as the healing power of touch associated with a professionally administered massage. The main benefit of Thai Yoga massage is that it helps to release any blockages in the body, which helps to improve posture, breathing and flexibility as well as creating a greater sense of well-being. It can help with many health problems such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension and digestive discomfort. Stretching muscles also helps to ease joint tension.

Thai Yoga massage also has a wide range of emotional benefits and helps to ease depression and anxiety as well as improve sleep patterns if practised regularly. The mind will be stilled as in meditation, and a deep sense of well-being is often experienced after the treatment. For more information on Thai Yoga massage, contact Mantra Wellness Centre today.