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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary

Traditional Chinese Medicine primarily focuses on balance, harmony, and energy. This form of therapy, which spans hundreds of years, is twofold:



Qi is known as “life energy” or “vital energy” which is a belief that courses throughout the entire body. This constant flow of energy is always on the move and constantly changes every day. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments help rejuvenate and maintain the flow of your Qi.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin and yang are what balances your energy. These two beliefs are opposites of another that are used to describe the qualities of Qi. By keeping your yin and yang balanced, you create harmony and a healthy flow of Qi throughout your body. When they’re unbalanced, you feel the negative effects outweighing the positivity. The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine will help you ensure balance, so you can get through each day with a harmonious drive.



Acupuncture is an alternative therapy and a major element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This holistic approach to total body wellness has relieved muscle pain, boosted immune function, improved physical and emotional wellbeing, and supported the body’s systems. Acupuncture involves inserting fine, sterile needles into particular areas of the body known as acupoints.



Cupping is a form of TCM that involves the use of suction onto specific parts of the body using a bamboo, plastic, or glass jar. Combined with heat, the jars create a partial vacuum that’s applied to the skin and tissues. Localized healing begins when the powerful suction encourages blood stasis.

Cupping encourages the release of toxins two inches into the body’s tissues from the capillaries, veins, and arteries, while activating the lymphatic system and clearing out fluid in cases of chronic bronchitis. Cupping improves the look of stretch marks and varicose veins, and relieves lower back pain, as well as pain associated with sprains and minor injuries.

Traditional Tibetan Herbology

Traditional Tibetan Herbology

Traditional Tibetan Herbology is one of the most sophisticated systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the careful differentiation of syndromes, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors who would prescribe an herbal formula to an individual’s needs and synergistically combine a variety of herbs in order to treat and prevent diseases.

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