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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Post-Car Accident Treatment

If you or somebody you know has been seriously injured from a car accident recently or even in the past, there may be long-term injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints and organs. While car accidents can range in severity they all have one thing in common: they can have a deep impact on a person’s psyche and emotional wellbeing.

Mental effects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety, feelings of fear associated with driving or being in a car, chronic pain or headaches and even vertigo can be present after a person endures a car accident. The mental impact from this experience combined with physical injuries can often create a long road to recovery and many can feel the effects even years later. Injuries should never dictate a path to healing. Here is how Traditional Chinese Medicine methods can address post-car accident symptoms to provide a safe and effective treatment.


An acupuncturist will be able to assess hidden damage to your body that is not seen externally. While medical assistance can determine the sources of pain in your body soon after an accident, they cannot see the extent of the damage and its perpetual effects. Once your initial assessment has been completed by the hospital, it’s best to seek complementary alternative medicine (CAM) like TCM initiatives to begin healing on all levels.

Ways acupuncture can help:

  •      Reduces bruising
  •      Releases chronic pain areas
  •      Reduces swelling
  •      Softens scar tissue
  •      Promotes faster recovery (especially with herbal therapy)
  •      Induces the relaxation response to combat mental effects like PTSD, depression and anxiety

Herbal therapy

Herbal therapy combined with acupuncture can help to improve the blood’s circulation in order to promote cell regeneration especially in the nerves. This helps to speed up the healing process and address pain disorders associated with car accidents. Herbs specifically work by…

  •      Unblocking areas with stagnant (dead) blood
  •      Clearing phlegm build up
  •      Increases blood and bio-energy flow in the body
  •      Addressing coldness in the body brought on by trauma
  •      Repairing connective tissue
  •      Protecting the body’s immunity from disease
  •      Addressing emotional components linked to body function

Specialized Treatment

Acupuncture and herbal therapy are excellent applications of TCM that can be formulated into a specialized treatment plan tailored to your needs. With proper management, good self-care and the right support, you can heal emotional, physical and psychological wounds brought on by recent or past car accidents.

If you or somebody you know has recently been affected by a traumatic event in the Calgary area, please book an appointment at the Mantra Wellness Centre. Start 2017 on a strong foot for a healthy and prosperous year ahead!