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Use Your Health Care Benefits at the Mantra Wellness Centre

Extended healthcare services, such as massage therapy and osteopathy, are recognized for their benefits to patients in terms of current health problems, preventative care, and mental health. Massage therapy is helpful in treating stress, alleviating pain, increasing flexibility, and much more. It is advantageous to long-term health as it is a holistic and preventative form of treatment that reduces the risks of conditions becoming worse or developing in the future. Osteopathy is another form of manual therapy designed to look at body issues as a whole and provide solutions accordingly.

With only seven months left in the calendar year, make sure to visit the Mantra Wellness Centre where you can take advantage of your health benefits for your well-being.

Benefits of Extended Health Plans

Many employers offer extended health plans that cover additional health expenses, such as:

  • dental
  • vision
  • physiotherapy
  • massage therapy
  • chiropractic care
  • counselling

These additional benefits are valuable for your health because they allow you to take a proactive approach. Health concerns related to mobility are easily prevented and reduced if the correct measures are taken in the early stages of development. Massage therapy is an effective solution for work- or sport-related injuries caused by manual labour or strains from using the wrong equipment.

Many people are unaware that their health coverage includes these supplementary services. Every insurance plan is different, so it is important to verify the amount of coverage you have and the maximum yearly limit. Depending on your insurance company, you may also be required to get a doctor’s referral for these supplementary services. Most doctors will happily do this, so be sure to book your doctor’s appointment in advance to receive the proper documentation in time. Insurance claims are easier than they have ever been with many companies opting for an online system to submit your claim. Be sure to let your health provider know in advance that you are planning to claim your service so they can help you process the necessary documents.

Public Service Health Care Plan

If you have worked for the public sector, you may be eligible for the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP). This plan is designed to be supplementary to your provincial/territorial health insurance and is offered to current and retired employees in the public sector and other participating employers.

Some of the participating employers include:

  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canadian Tourism Commission
  • National Film Board
  • Parks Canada Agency
  • Medical Research Council of Canada

Be sure to inquire if your employer is participating because you may be eligible for coverage. The PSHCP indicates that medical practitioners, such as physiotherapists, psychologists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and nurses, are eligible to receive an 80% reimbursement.

Mantra Wellness Centre is dedicated to bringing you premier health services in the Calgary area. Our dedicated staff follows the latest techniques to treat your health issues and ensure your overall well-being. Learn more about our massage therapy, osteopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To book an appointment, fill out our online form, or call 403-266-8933 today!